Lock Rekeying Benefits

There are several benefits to Lock Rekeying. Firstly, if you’ve recently changed your business’ staffing, you should think about having your locks rekeyed. If the previous staff member still has a set of keys, they could use these to gain access and steal goods, or do other criminal damage if they were fired or left on bad terms. This could also work for homes in the event a roommate or former spouse moves out. Rekeying can also give you peace of mind if your keys have been lost or stolen.

Secondly, rekeying your locks removes the clutter on your keychain. When you change the pins, the current key will no longer open the current lock it goes to. To do this, you should remove the lock from its mounting and consult with a locksmith. Making sure you have the current key ready could be helpful but will not be required when rekeying your locks. Locksmith Tampa-A Lenny Locksmith Inc. has techs that are able to rekey your lock by changing the pins within the lock cylinder. Once this is done, you’ll have new keys that will work with the current lock.

Finally, rekeying your locks can also protect you from lost or stolen keys. If you have several employees, you’re probably more vulnerable to lost keys. Even if you’ve only lost one, they could end up in the hands of anyone. Luckily, Lock Rekeying is the best way to prevent a problem from happening in the future. The benefits are numerous. Not only will it keep you safer but it will also keep burglars out and prevent you from losing valuable items.

One of the biggest advantages of Lock Rekeying is that it’s cheap. It’s much cheaper than replacing a lock altogether. There is no need to replace the lock when you rekey it, as this process involves changing only the internal mechanism. Unlike replacing the lock, rekeying is a much faster process than changing the lock hardware. Moreover, it’s more convenient as compared to a full lock replacement. Lock rekeying is a great option for homeowners who have just moved in. Locksmith Tampa-A Lenny Locksmith Inc. has same day service options available for lock rekeying.


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